Urban Renewal and Development

Harbor Consultants consults with some of the biggest cities in New Jersey. Through our experience in redevelopment, planning, architectural design, construction management, and engineering this provides us a unique skill set to support New Jersey’s urban areas in renewal and development. As we understand the importance of community building and public input in planning and shaping urban development, we have the ability to offer visioning and community engagement to create a community base plan.

Redevelopment Studies & Plans

Harbor Consultants has extensive experience in preparing condemnation and non-condemnation redevelopment studies, redevelopment agreements and redevelopment plans for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects. Harbor Consultants has managed multiple municipal redevelopment projects in excess of thirty million dollars. Such projects include complex planning involving the relocation of municipal buildings, police stations, community centers, library’s public works department buildings, parking decks and salt domes. It is common place that these large-scale redevelopment projects involve complex land swaps with private property owners, site remediation studies, demographic and school ages children analysis, environmental studies, detailed financial studies and Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreements.